Sales Policies

Sales information

All puppies have pedigree FCI.

All puppies which will be exported have export pedigree FCI.

All puppies have International vaccination card – Petpassport

All puppies are vaccinated fit to their age.

All puppies are wormed 3 times.

All puppies have a chip. This method is in keeping with standards
valid from 1996 International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) .
Standard ISO 11784 structure
code and ISO 11785 – technical concept.

We provide complete breeder service and support and we give you
all information about puppy, food, care, vaccination etc.
Personal pick up of the puppy is possible earliest in age 7,5 weeks.
We can deliver puppy by air between 10 – 12 weeks old. Before
transport must be balanced full price, air ticket, transport box and
all taxes bonded with this procedure.
For reservation of the puppy is necessary to balance 1/3 from total price.
If we are not able to meet engagements we will offer puppy from first future litter.
In the opposite direction advance payment will be forfeiture.
Price for puppy is depend on individual quality and also on quality of the parents.

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